The heart of Stamp Our Story is telling others about the legacy of these American men and women who served our nation amidst so much adversity both at home and abroad, with such dignity and valor.

The themes of perseverance, patriotism, and service are central to their story.

Stamp Our Story is collaborating with educators across the country to develop and share lessons.


The first curriculum was developed and piloted this spring through the generous help of educators at Stoddard Elementary School and the Anaheim Elementary School District in California. The curriculum includes a slide show, a YouTube art lesson, and an exclusive interview with a Japanese American World War II veteran designed for teachers. We thank AESD for allowing us to share their curriculum guide with all interested teachers.

Click here to view the Stamp Our Story Curriculum Guide for educators (including slides) for grades 3-6.


Above is the 10-minute videotaped interview with Go For Broke World War II veteran Don Miyada (100th Bn, A Co.) from April 30, 2021. The raw video was reformatted with questions and answer cards, and vocabulary, to use in a classroom. Click here for the transcript of the interview with Don Miyada.

Above is the YouTube art lesson based on the Go For Broke Soldiers Stamp, courtesy of educator Laura Houston and the Anaheim Elementary School District in Anaheim, California. The lesson was inspired by the stamp and its story.


“Culture4Kids!” has developed a free 2-page worksheet that includes background about the Go For Broke Soldiers Stamp, as well as a fun relief printing art project.

The project is provided courtesy of the Hawaii Herald Newspaper and the Kauai-based team of educators Carolyn Kubota Morinishi and Marian Kurasaki Kubota. Mahalo! Thank you, Carolyn and Marian!

Feel free to click on the images to download and use as needed.



If you are an educator, or know one, who may be interested in implementing and/or developing additional lessons in collaboration with us, please contact us! Many of us at Stamp Our Story are educators who are always seeking to improve ways to reach our youth. One area in particular that we are currently looking to develop materials for is at secondary level, both middle and high school. Thank you!

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