We are currently raising money for our educational programs and our film. We have created educational curricula available on this website, and we are sometimes asked to visit classrooms and attend community events.

A donation in any amount will help us get the Go For Broke Stamp and the Nisei Soldiers Legacy into more classrooms, and help us enter (and attend) more film festivals, where the Nisei Soldiers story can gain more exposure to new audiences. Another goal is to be able to purchase as many stamps as we can, and then donate them to any teacher who wants one to help teach about the Go For Broke legacy. We also raise money to produce Go For Broke Stamp commemorative cards that are used in educational outreach. Go to our GoFundMe page if you wish to donate.

Thank you!

Note: For tax-deductible donations of more than $50, please contact us directly. We are working on setting up a non-profit fiscal sponsorship who can help us soon.