We invite you to create tributes on the occasion of the Go For Broke Soldiers Stamp release this year!

Click here to watch an example of a tribute, from Shirlee Blonder. Shirlee is the wife of Lt. Erwin Blonder. Lt. Blonder was one of the men from the “Lost Battalion” who was rescued by the Nisei Soldiers during World War II. This example was professionally produced, but your tribute does not need to be.

Maybe you are a daughter, son, granddaughter, grandson, niece, nephew of a Nisei Soldier. Maybe you have no family relation to one but you are or were friends with one. Maybe you have never even met a Nisei Soldier, but you are moved by their story. We welcome you to create a tribute in their honor, on the occasion of the stamp’s issuance, and post it on your social media with #StampOurStory.

As an option, if you feel that you have a special one that may be suitable for a broader audience, please contact us.

They can be in many formats, but we ask that they be celebratory in tone to honor of our Nisei elders who served and sacrificed during World War II. We also ask that they use appropriate language and content that would be suitable for elementary school students at school. We ask that they be relatively brief in nature. See more details below and contact us with any questions.

Tributes can be creatively done, and include, but are not limited to, written statements.

Here are a few examples:

  • Written tributes (personal reflections, open letter to a grandfather/grandmother, poem, a reprinting of a letter from a soldier or letter from a loved one to a soldier, and so on);
  • Spoken word performance (videotaped spoken word tribute, such as one of the written tributes from above that is spoken aloud and recorded);
  • Visual art;
  • Musical performance (videotaped);
  • Other performance (videotaped play, or script reading, or other performance art).

For anything you would like to send to us, please keep them very brief if possible under 5 minutes.

Send questions to

We are encourage you to post tributes for Memorial Day, and then for the June 3rd release of the stamp.

For videotaped tributes, please keep the following in mind (contact us with questions):

  • Stay safe and follow CDC guidance as you film your clip. If you have more than one person sharing the greeting, please maintain social distance.   
  • No special equipment is needed – You can even use your phone!   
  • Most important: Hold your camera or phone landscape/horizontal. (see graphics below) 
  • Click here to learn some tips on filming with your smartphone.
  • If using a phone (see iPhone and android screenshots attached): Go to settings-camera-record video, and be sure that you are capturing the video at 4k at 30 fps (UHD 3840×2160 (60fps) for Android) to have the most flexibility. Frame the performance horizontal. If unable to film at 4k, please choose 1080p HD at 30 fps (1920×1080 (30fps) for Android). 
  • If using a camera: Frame the performance horizontal. Your default camera and audio quality should work fine. It is best practice to film your video in a quiet location without a lot of surrounding noise. 
  • Be cognizant of wind noise and sun glare  
  • Sun should always be in front of the subject(s) 
  • Please speak slowly and concise in video.

We would like to acknowledge and thank National Park Service Educational Programs for their assistance with this page.